Information is power and puts strength behind your words.  I've done some of the research for you here. Don't be a zombie voter, the two party dominance is not unbreakable.




  Vote the same again and get more of the same!

Let’s face it, the major parties have had their chances over and over. The current Coalition - V - Labour stoush is little more than re arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. Neither of them are viable alternatives for Australia’s future and they have proved this over and over again. It’s time to vote elsewhere and there’s more choice than you think.


On these pages I present my basic research on some of the parties that may stand candidates in your electorate at the next election (you will need to check) based on my personal priorities, these may also be yours. A number of the parties throw up some cautionary red flags depending on your priorities. 


I am simply an adult Australian citizen with1 vote at Australian Federal Elections and no idea who to vote for or trust at the May 2019 election, so I decided to educate myself. I am also disgusted at the path our country is going down and the medias' focus on the 2 major parties only. I.M.O. the media is manipulating voters opinions under the guise of legitimate 'news', their focus on the Coalition and Labor has led Australia into our current woeful state keeping voters un-educated and in the dark .



The result of the last federal election that returned Liberals, this time with Scott Morrison at the helm, disappointed and alarmed me. Prior to this election I had never seen Australians so demoralised and dissatisfied by their government’s actions, and yet the voters returned the same party!


The contents and consequences of the updates I have posted on these pages during 2019 horrify me.  Please read these updates and view them as a whole, a dossier on Liberals performance over 2019. It has depressed me so much that I doubt I will update beyond December 2019.

IMO we will increasingly come under the Chinese Communist control with the aid of Liberals and Labor alike, the many updates here that show Chinas clear intention to passively take over the Pacific- their  meddling in our politics, impact on the environment, trade and their continual pressure to muzzle any resistance or negative opinions both internationally and with their own citizens are red flags (pun intended) that Australian voters are stupid to ignore


As the Liberals are currently in power my updates primarily focus on their performance but make no mistake that Labor and the National party have all been equally to blame in our down-fall.  Labor in opposition has proven to be weak and ineffectual.  If you follow only a couple of my updates consider the GDP per head figures, the sustainability links and the disastrous Lima Agreement that has decimated our industries with the imprimatur of both Labor and Liberals.

Australian voters need to develop a backbone and engage in some critical thinking, inform themselves regarding the major parties and hopefully place their votes elsewhere not with the same old parties who have let us down time and time again, my vote will go to the Sustainable Australia Party. There is no way the Coalition or Labor deserve to govern this country; they have all betrayed Australia and Australians in many ways and hopefully my ‘critical mass’ of political blunders and mismanagement posted here will convince voters to vote elsewhere.

Consider the updates and these words of wisdom:

“The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those that speak the truth “

– George Orwell

“The liberty of a democracy is not safe if the people tolerate the growth of private power to a point where it becomes stronger than their democratic state itself. That, in essence is fascism – ownership of government by an individual, by a group





It’s a substantial job researching the parties that I consider possible/ probable viable alternatives to the majority of voters ; so, this work is far from comprehensive.  I have largely ignored parties that are primarily single issue or un-palatable in my opinion; unless their issue is a standout in  this voters’ mind, for these parties/candidates I'll provide links at the end of this page.


A large proportion of these political pages are not the individual output of this web author. Where I have expressed my opinion, I have identified it. Where possible I have attempted to source transcripts of politicians speeches.

Where I am using direct quotes, I have identified the source / provided a link to the source.

Frustratingly, accurate, targeted sources for figures are not always easy to locate.I have attempted to use legitimate, verifiable sources where available. 

After dredging through mountains of information it's easy to see why voters are confuse, disillusioned and frustrated. I hope my research brings some clarity to your vote.


The lens  through which I examine the party options - I declare my bias by providing the reader with my personal priorities for  Australian Government


Give the Big 3 the boot next time around. Enough damage done by then.....



These pages are authored by a concerned Australian citizen. The opinions expressed on this website are personal opinions only, the writer has no political qualifications but is a registered voter. This page is not authorised or endorsed by the any of the parties discussed or not discussed here-in. Note: the "Arm Yourself" phrase as used here refers to knowledge and does not refer to violence or weapons of any sort


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FEDERAL ELECTION 2019 UPDATE - Liberals win. The Australian voters, pictured at left, apparently approve of how Liberals are directing Australia's  future. Ignorance is not bliss, be prepared with information next election

2019 Liberals Win- Australia Weeps

Voters (NOT ME)  voted FOR -      Palm Oil,       Live Sheep Export,        Adani,      habitat destruction,          Population Growth,       Overcrowding,         Underfunding Victorian Infrastructure,              Adani,             Coal mining,       Housing developments extending onto scarce viable farm-land,        Selling off Australian utilities and essential services to foreign interests,                Chinese take-over by stealth,              destruction of the great Artesian Basin,               water shortages,             mores Australian industries closing,      cronyism,         more part-time jobs & less full time employment,      growth of poverty,           more perks for politicians,                    massive investment in  Asia Pacific whilst forsaking Australian needs

...... Go figure!             Time will tell.



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