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  • Offshore processing - unlawful (without a valid visa) non-citizens from arriving unauthorised on Australia’s shores by boat.

  • Boat turnbacks

  • Stopping the boats

  • Medicare -NDIS

  • Australia in the Pacific

  • Mandatory immigration detention, Off-shore processing

  • Regional cooperation, border protection and anti-people smuggling

  • Labor and the Coalition agree that people smuggling is an unacceptable organised criminal activity that endangers innocent people’s lives.

  • Some degree of parties’ agreement on family reunion policy for refugees who wish to sponsor family members under Australia’s Humanitarian or Migration programs.



Australia is one of only about twenty countries worldwide that participate formally in the UNHCR’s refugee resettlement program by accepting quotas of offshore, UNHCR-referred, humanitarian entrants each year.

Australia’s Humanitarian Program annual planning intakes (for both offshore and onshore entrants) have hovered between 12,000 and 13,750 places since 1996 (with the exception of 2012–13 when the Labor Government increased the intake to 20,000)

NOTE- Some of the alternative parties ‘policies include leaving the United Nations.





1973 – Al Grassby, Labor Minister for Immigration in the Whitlam Government issued a reference paper entitled A multi-cultural society for the future.


Coalition Parliamentary statement on racial tolerance- 


In October 2016, the Liberal Party formally reaffirmed its commitment to racial respect. The Prime Minister moved a statement on racial tolerance in the Australian Parliament's House of Representatives.

The statement read:

'That this House:

reaffirms its commitment to the right of all Australians to enjoy equal rights and be treated with equal respect regardless of race, colour, creed or origin.

reaffirms its commitment to maintaining an immigration policy wholly non-discriminatory on grounds of race, colour creed or origin.

reaffirms its commitment to the process of reconciliation with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, in the context of redressing their profound social and economic disadvantage.

reaffirms its commitment to maintain Australia as a culturally diverse, tolerant and open society, united by an overriding commitment to our nation, and its democratic institutions and values and.

denounces racial intolerance in any form as incompatible with the kind of society we are and want to be.

The statement was supported by the Opposition Leader and carried unanimously.

"End Quote


I firmly believe that Multiculturalism as it was originally envisioned has served its purpose and is now creating a divided Australia; the existing Australian population is suspicious and untrusting with good cause. The ‘Somalian youth gang’ violence in Melbourne is an example of ‘failure’.  The existing Australian public expects immigrants to be grateful for Australias’ generosity, obey our laws, make an effort to contribute in a meaningful way. Violence and a sense of entitlement beyond those of Australian Citizens does nothing to build a positive attitude towards migrants. IMO it’s not up to Australian Citizens to make even more efforts regarding new immigrants, immigrants have responsibilities too.  The Somalian community is small and yet is over-represented in violent activities.  We now appear to have ‘flexible law’ and expectations that accommodate wildly differing cultures. Australia has no cultural identity and any nationalism is viewed as xenophobic. Any discussion on this topic is quashed and viewed as racist.



For me personally, the willingness of BOTH the Coalition and Labour to bend to Chinese interference allowing purchasing of Australian assets is a huge concern.


The Age November 6, 2018

Quote “ In his Lowy Institute speech, Shorten insisted that a government he leads will avoid "worst-case assumptions" about China or "pre-emptively framing China as a strategic threat", and that Australian investment in Pacific island nations won't be about "the strategic denial of others". But he also began by listing Mr Xi's "China Dream" as one of five major sources of international uncertainty. "It's hard to think of an important issue for Australia's future ... where China will not be an influential player," he concluded.

The pledge to appoint a global human rights ambassador came after references to Cambodia and the Philippines, but the Opposition Leader went on to raise the plight of China's Uighur population in questions after the speech.

“End Quote


An ABC investigation last year revealed Chinese businesses were by far the largest foreign-linked donors to both major parties.

Labor Party member Sam Dastyari was previously General Secretary of the New South Wales branch of the Labor Party. He was the first person of Iranian origin to sit in the Australian Parliament.  As a Senator, Dastyari was the subject of a Chinese-related donations scandal, which eventually led to his resignation from the Senate on 25 January 2018.

Whilst these are State Government’s issues, these are graphic example of the Labor mindset and the lack of control the Federal Government has:

Quote “Premier Daniel Andrews and Chinese Ambassador Cheng Jingye today finalised a Memorandum of Understanding between Victoria and China on the initiative – making Victoria the first and only Australian state to reach an agreement on the Belt and Road Initiative with the Chinese government.”

End quote

Meanwhile in Perth “Updated 1 Feb 2019 Huawei's 4G contract for Perth trains is under scrutiny have? The West Australian Government announced yesterday it is reviewing its contract with Huawei, after allegations of fraud, theft of trade secrets and breaches of international sanctions by the company were released by US prosecutors.

The Government has always maintained its $205 million contract with Huawei to upgrade the radio network for its trains was not a security risk, but should we now be concerned?

What is Huawei doing for the WA Government?

Last July, Huawei won a contract to build and maintain a new digital 4G radio network for the Perth train system, including the new railway line to the airport.


From abc.net.au/news:

Plans for Chinese-backed coal-fired plant in NSW's Hunter Valley


Chinese state-owned China Energy Engineering Corporation (CEEC) plans to build 2000MW of new coal generation in the New South Wales Hunter Valley, north of Sydney.
CEEC is reportedly a key investor in one of China's largest military-civil investment vehicles and recently signed an energy and infrastructure deal with Egypt's military ministry.

Boasting 160,000 employees, CEEC built China's famous Three Gorges hydroelectric project. 
"End Quote

A demonstration of China's intent in Australia and permitted by the NSW Liberal State Government. But here we have a Chinese firm owning vital Australian infrastructure. Doesn't anyone care about China owning vital trade routes in the future? (Belt and Road)And China isn't a threat! A.S.I.O. has warned our government



Should asylum seekers be offered temporary, not permanent protection;

What size Australia’s formal annual intake of refugees and other humanitarian entrants should be.



The major parties are split over legislation making it easier to cancel the Australian citizenship of dual nationals convicted of terror offences.

Labor members of the federal parliament's intelligence and security committee issued a dissenting report on the proposed anti-terror powers.

Labor will oppose a law allowing the government to more easily strip Australian terrorists of their citizenship. Under a law passed in 2015, the government can strip an Australian terrorist of their citizenship only if they have a second nationality and therefore would not be rendered stateless.

Under the changes before Parliament, the home affairs minister would need only be "satisfied" the person would not be made stateless.

Labor signalling of its opposition comes as the major parties also dig in over a battle on border security in the medical transfers legislation. Senator Wong told ABC Radio on Tuesday: "You don’t make Australians safer by passing laws that don’t work."


I can’t find a Labor  policy on – Ice epidemic, gang violence


PREAMBLE - We know middle class and working Australians feel like the economy isn’t working for them. The cost of Living keeps going up, and wages just aren’t keeping up.


Give workers a tax break – of up to $1,063 each year, instead of giving handouts to the top end of town.

Make multinationals and millionaires pay their fair share

See Labor Lies

Make multinationals pay their fair share (legislation)

Close loopholes used by the top end of town - See Capital Gains and Dividend Imputations.

Keep the temporary deficit levy for Australia's highest earners, effectively setting the top tax rate at 49.5 cents in the dollar, which is higher than the Coalition's 47.5 per cent.


Wind back the tax discount for Capital Gains from 50% to 25% for newly-purchased assets held for more than a year, meaning that for those assets three quarters of each gain will be taxed instead of one half. 

The Conversation  January 21, 2019 
Capital gains are the profits made from buying something at one price and selling it at another. These profits are currently taxed at only half the rate of other income. (Technically, only half of each capital gain is taxed.)

The discount, introduced by Prime Minister John Howard in late 1999. In the lead up to the coming election (and the last one) the Labor Party has promised to wind back the discount, cutting it from 50% to 25% for newly-purchased assets held for more than a year, meaning that for those assets three quarters of each gain will be taxed instead of one half. 

Older Australians pay only 5.6% of all personal income tax but about 29% of all capital gains tax.

The bottom 10% claim a lot of capital gains - an average of A$161,000 per capital gains tax payer, which is more than that claimed by any other income group, including the top 10%.

It’s pretty certain that those who would feel it most would be higher income earners, older Australians, partnered women, quite often on behalf of their higher income partner.


Better regulate power prices – with a new regulated capped offer protecting families and small business from price gouging by big energy companies.

Invest in cheaper, cleaner renewable energy – to deliver 50 per cent of power from renewable sources by 2030.

End the power privatisation mess – keep Snowy Hydro in public hands, and put an end to incentives for states to privatise their electricity assets.

Better regulate power prices – with a new regulated capped offer protecting families and small business from price gouging by big energy companies.

Stronger gas export controls – to keep Australian energy prices down and protect local manufacturing jobs.

Future proof our energy network – by supporting new battery-storage, transmission lines, gas pipelines and dams.

Support a just transition to renewables – helping workers and communities as ageing coal plants close and are replaced with cheaper, cleaner renewables.


Empower businesses and communities – with support to access renewable energy and cut energy waste.


COMMENT - All good ideas but HOW? Is there a buy-back scheme hidden somewhere? Given that energy supply and mining have been privatised, how can the government control prices or exports? It is immoral to allow exporting coal overseas, if it's unsustainable and dirty here, it's the same overseas.  Stop Adani mining coal in Australia, they have proven their untrustworthiness here and in India. Calling a halt to gas and oil export will have the domino effect of putting the brakes on one of Australia's biggest export industries. It's a balancing act, you can't have an action without a reaction.

The easiest solution would be for government to offer subsidies to anyone who instals solar panels, and a higher subsidy for those who also instal batteries. All factory rooftops should have subsidised solar panels and batteries.

Where's the policy on anti fracking? 


Restore penalty rates – to deliver fair pay for up to 700,000 workers.

See Labor Backflip on penalty rates



Level the playing field for first home buyers – by reforming tax concessions for property investors so they don’t have an unfair advantage when purchasing existing homes. See Capital Gains 

Abolish negative gearing for new investors wanting to buy existing properties.


COMMENT -  How stupid is this one!

The flow-on effect will be more sprawling development in the outer margins of cities and rural towns where there is a screaming lack of infrastructure- public transport, schools, hospitals, roads, water supply etc. etc.  More environmental destruction and usurping farm-land, more species extinction! The list goes on.


So, renters, often the poorer / under-employed / young families will be pushed out into outlying areas where rentals will be lower. The result – more crime. Examples of these types of developments are areas in- Cranbourne, Sunbury and Melton in Victoria.

This stupid idea, first pitched by Labor leader Bill Shorten before the last federal election, is that it would give first home buyers more opportunity to get into the housing market. Except it’s ‘arse around’, most first home buyers and young families target new, larger homes.


This idea will actually limit the new home stock for first home buyers because they will be competing against investors for new homes.


Better to stop the ability of non-Australian Citizens to purchase any real-estate in Australia. This move would certainly lower the competition and price fight at home auctions.

News.com Quote

Any policy that harms self-funded retirees or citizens aiming at being self-funded is inherently counter-productive as the result will be more retirees seeking social welfare, or is Labor happy to see elderly sleeping rough.


Quote "

If you abolish negative gearing on investment properties, there's a strong argument that rents would increase," Mr Hockey said on the ABC's Q&A.

Mr Hockey said that in the 1980s, when negative gearing was briefly removed, there was a backlash from investors who increased rents to "replace the lost income" negative gearing had provided. "The net result was you saw a surge in rents," he said. Now this is a possibility if this dumb idea is enacted, primarily for existing homes being rented out.

Under Australia’s taxation system, negative gearing rules allow investors in both property and shares to write-off the cost of borrowing used to acquire an asset as well as other holding costs against all income, not just the income generated by the asset. It enables investors to deduct property expenses from their taxable income where they add up to more than is earned from rent. Deductions can include interest payments on a loan, necessary maintenance and depreciation on a property's value.

The impact: Existing investors won’t be affected. Limiting future property negative gearing to new housing will encourage new developments but logically see investors reassess existing properties, which could reduce demand. Having said that, positively geared property can be a good investment in its own right.

" End quote


Quote "

If you own your own property, under Labor's policy it will be worth-less. If you rent your home under Labor's policy you will pay more," Treasurer Josh Frydenberg said in a social media post last month.

Chief economist at UBS George Tharenou said he was worried about the effect the change would have on the economy. "My concern would be that if you were to make a material change to tax policy at the same time as banks are tightening lending standards, it could exacerbate what's already a downturn into something more serious," End quote

Quote "



Labors’ controversial policies ahead of next year's election to end negative gearing for the purchases of existing homes would harm the construction of new dwellings, research by Master Builders Australia warns. Commissioned modelling by Cadence Economics predicts a $11.8 billion hit to building activity and 32,000 fewer jobs.

If Negative Gearing is Removed or Reduced, The Government Will Have to Provide Public Housing to Accommodate “Renters”.  Now this result is a no-brainer

Negative gearing changes 'could tip Australia into recession', warns John Symond



Guarantee pensions – no changes to the pension age or rebates for pensioners.



End the Medicare Freeze – addressing rising out-of-pocket costs and keeping healthcare affordable.

Cap private health insurance premiums – with increases capped at no more than 2 per cent for the next two years.

Invest in more beds, doctors and nurses – to cut waiting lists for elective surgery and unclog emergency departments.

Deliver new MRI machines – with Medicare licenses for the suburbs and regions that need them.


Give every school the funding it needs – with more teachers and resources to give students greater individual attention and extra support for kids with special needs.


Two years of pre-school education for every child – quality universal preschool education for three and four years olds taught by qualified early educators.

Create more apprenticeships – waiving upfront fees for 100,000 TAFE students and making one in ten positions on infrastructure projects an apprenticeship.

Build better TAFE – invest $100 million in TAFE upgrades and guarantee public TAFE receives two thirds of vocational education funding.

More university places – end the Liberals cap on university places and help 200,000 more young Australians graduate from university over the next decade.

Labor pledges $300m to students with disabilities ahead of federal election


Better paid and protected jobs

Stand up for the pay and conditions of workers.

See level playing field

Crack down on dodgy labour hire – ensuring labour hire companies must provide workers the same pay and conditions as those employed directly.

Stop sham contracting and fake casuals – so workers can’t be forced to be ‘permanent casuals’, and companies can’t avoid their obligations by getting staff to register as contractors.

Close the gender pay gap – taking action to deliver equal pay for equal work by forcing big business to report on their pay gap publicly.


Labor will build local, buy local, and employ local for government projects to deliver more jobs and opportunities in outer suburban and regional areas.

COMMENT – So why did Labor support the China Free Trade agreement that permits 5,000 temporary workers into Australia?

When ’push comes to shove’, Labor cannot be relied on to stick to their own policies.

Crack down on the abuse of 457 visas – by limiting them to areas of genuine skill shortage and requiring positions to be advertised in Australia for local workers first.  


COMMENT - Already Done: 457 Visas were abolished 18 March 2018 by Turnbull government and replaced with the new Subclass 482 Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS) visa.  The new visa enables employers to access a skilled overseas worker if they can't find workers with the required skills in Australia.

Use Australian grade steel – when building public infrastructure projects.

Protect local manufacturers – by taking action against illegal dumping of cheap foreign products in Australia.

COMMENT - weasel words- this doesn’t mean steel manufactured in Australia. How can we trust this statement? The Andrews Labor Government purchased sub-grade steel for their new tunnel project, they have had to replace it. What about the Chinese cladding that is sub standard? Just who will oversee this and how do we stop government, it's agencies and sub contractors purchasing cheaper overseas products over Australian product?



Create a government-owned reserve of crude oil and fuel would be created - Stocks have been below mandated levels since 2012, raising fears of severe shortages in the event of conflict as an important national security measure".


COMMENT : What about removing the artificial price parity policy that is hurting all Australians?



A proposal for the minimum price that dairy farmers are paid for their milk, to be set by government.

"Labor believes government intervention is needed to save our dairy sector and our dairy farmers," "It is not acceptable for our farmers to be paid less than the cost of producing their milk”

Dairy farmers have been exiting the Australian industry since a major downturn began in April 2016. Figures released today showed Australia's milk production in the past financial year dropped by the greatest volume since the millennium drought.


Monday 25 February 2019 - Bill Shorten pledged a $640 million-dollar Fairness Fund to help consumers struggling with debt and victims of misconduct in the financial services sector.

Double the number of financial counsellors from 500 to 1,000, and quadruple the compensation limit for victims of misconduct to a maximum of $2 million dollars.


Labor to hit banks and financial institutions with $640 million levy



Expand our public transport network

Build better roads and safer highways

Upgrade regional bridges

COMMENT: Whilst these initiatives are worthwhile and needed do they assist the economy? They don't address the base issues for  manunufacturing, industry and un-equal tarrifs with our trading 'partners'. Our government will end up being Australias biggest employer


Millions of fish were killed by drought, excessive irrigation extraction and the draining of Menindee lakes says Labor funded report. 

Deliver a freight and logistics network fit for purpose

Finance new tourism infrastructure – with a billion-dollar fund to invest in tourism projects across northern Australia, in Western Australia, Queensland and the Northern Territory.

Why spend so much in these least populated states? Anything to do with mining?



Sydney Morning Herald Fergus Hunter October 28, 2018

Quote "

Pacific push as a critical step to prevent Australia's neighbours becoming the "least developed nations on the planet" rather than an attempt to counter China's growing influence.  The steep rise in Chinese financing has triggered concern in Australia and elsewhere about the Chinese government's growing influence and the potential for "debt-trap diplomacy". End quote

MY COMMENT- If Australia gets into a spitting match with China, competing for “who will pay the most” to win favour with our Pacific neighbours, it’s not hard to see who will be the winner, and it’s not us. Not surprisingly the Coalition has now come up with an identical Pacific policy to Labor!

Creation of a government-backed infrastructure investment bank to help meet the immense development needs of the Pacific and cement Australia's role in the region.

MY COMMENT- Given Labor’s less than sterling previous performance with budgeting and finance, this little gem will be a disaster and probably end up with China bailing us out, with strings attached.

increase the government's foreign aid to the region and facilitate greater private investment in development projects to ensure Australia is the "partner of choice" for Pacific nations

Shortens vision is for Australia to actively facilitate concessional loans and financing for investment in these vital, nation-building projects through a government-backed infrastructure investment bank. Our neighbours in the Pacific are looking for partners to help them build infrastructure – and as prime minister, I intend to make sure they look to Australia first."



Dividend imputation was introduced by then Labor Treasurer Paul Keating in the 1980s to stop the double taxation of dividends received by shareholders.

Back then companies would earn a profit, pay their 30 per cent company tax, then pay a dividend to shareholders from these after-tax profits which would then be taxed a second time at the shareholders’ marginal rate.

Dividend imputation attaches a tax credit to dividends. If a company pays a 30 per cent tax on its profits, its dividends carry a 30 per cent tax credit. For a taxpayer on a 45 per cent tax bracket, the dividends would be taxed at 15 per cent.

Any policy that harms self-funded retirees or citizens aiming at being self-funded is inherently counter-productive as the result will be more retirees seeking social welfare, or is Labor happy to see elderly sleeping rough.

The biggest impact will be felt by self-funded retirees who structured their investment portfolios so they pay no tax, plus super funds in the pension phase that also pay no tax.

Cap deductions for use of accountants

Reverse Morrison’s tax cut for millionaires – ask the top tax bracket to pay a little more so we can pay down the Liberals’ debt in a responsible way.

Comment- The last part of the sentence above is pure spin. The Coalition government has made significant inroads in reducing the deficit that Labor incurred while in government.The Coalition will deliver the first budget surplus in a decade.

From the Liberal website:

Quote " Fixing the Budget. Labor racked up $240 billion in deficits over six years. Without action, debt would have been on track towards $1 trillion. We have halved the growth in spending – from 4% per year under Labor, to 1.9% (the most restrained of any Government in fifty years). The Budget deficit is the lowest it has been in 10 years. We are on track for a balanced budget in 2019-20." End Quote


Act on Live Sheep Exports- Labor wants to end cruelty in the live sheep export industry.

Protect the ABC-Now, more than ever, Australians need the ABC – our strong, trusted and independent public broadcaster.

Australian Republic


Are Labor Politicians in it for Australia or for self-aggrandisement?


Mr Shorten’s backdown followed threats to scuttle the encryption laws, which target terrorists, paedophiles and crime gangs, through a series of last-minute amendments in the Senate and by linking them to an unrelated bill to fast-track the medical transfer of refugees and their families from Nauru and Manus Island.

" End quote

The Coalition has introduced legislation which doubles the maximum penalty and provides mandatory minimum five year sentences for the trafficking of illegal firearms.

Unfortunately, the Labor Party is opposing this legislation.












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