Australian voters in 2019 apparently approved of how Liberals were directing Australia's  future. Ignorance is not bliss, be prepared with information next election.  I've done some of the research for you here. Don't be a zombie voter, the two party dominance is not unbreakable.

Pro Liberal? This research will get you thinkng and provide you with the facts, without the spin.


Give the Big 3 the boot


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My research on Liberals is sourced from the Liberals themselves,  and various sources, available A.B.S. data and greater minds than mine .It is submitted here to help voters make an informed choice at Australian Federal Elections


The best indicator of future behavior is past behavior, so let’s look at the Liberals performance and policies. Can we trust them? Can they deliver their plan? Are they pro Australia and Australians? Can they function given their differences with the Nationals, and the Liberals alliance with Clive Palmer and big business?


1 VOTER -COMMENT1 – My summary on the economy: Is this safe, sustainable and has potential for future growth? 

If we rely on the claims made by the Liberals pre the 2019 election they would have Voters believe that economically Australia is in good shape. Startlingly, data has revealed quite the opposite, the Liberal claims could more accurately be labelled lies.

The Australian Economy is Crashing-

These updated links will provide corrections to the Liberals misinformation-

Global Economic Warning Comes As Australia Falls Into 'Per-Capita Recession

Remember When Australia Had The World's Best Economy?

Liberal Nationals Government Has Sent The National Debt Through The Roof

World’s Best Economy: Australia Loses Top IAREM Ranking Under Coalition

A Recession May Be Inevitable - Even Desirable

Australian Economy At It’s Lowest Ebb In 27 Years


This above; despite Liberals claims that economically we are in good shape regarding the balance of trade.

In my opinion there are very clear red flags that warn of very tough times ahead because -

Australia relies primarily on mining exports to stay solvent.

Australia does not process or utilize any quantity of the minerals mined here.

Minerals and oil are not renewable resources, once they are gone, they are gone.

Mining is in the hands of a few companies and takes place in states with the lowest populations compared with N.S.W.  and Victoria.

Mining has detrimental impact on the environment and specifically water and negatively impacts farmers and communities.

We rely on trade with China as our primary export and import trading partner.

Should this relationship break-down Australia would have no manufacturing and a lot less exports!

Despite Australia manufacturing almost nothing and exporting almost no manufactured products, some figures report that manufacturing is on the rise!

Currently our economy is dangerously un-diversified and heavily reliant on a few trading partners.

Do we trust China or are we placing the country dangerously beholden to China?

Read 1 Voter - On China

The employment figures are ‘rubbery’ as they don’t take into account travelers and students on working visas and the under-employed.

There are world-wide major red flags regarding wages growth.

Despite the employment figures allegedly on the rise, poverty in Australia is also on the rise.

Australian Poverty In Graphs: It's A Desperate State Of Affairs


The Rich are Getting Richer and thePoor are Getting Poorer -

Australia produces oil, why are we exporting our oil and importing fuel?

Rich List: Billionaires Multiply As Profits Surge, Wages Stall

Liberals have negotiated/ are negotiating several trade agreements with Asia Pacific countries, whilst this has the potential to diversify our trading partners, it comes with several VERY undesirable trade-offs : Foreign workers here on working visas rather than employing Australians, Live Animal export

The China–Australia Free Trade Agreement (CHAFTA)

The Liberals appear unable to negotiate any agreement that doesn't include a flood of international working Visas.


CHAFTA -more visas for Chinese workers in Australia 

International Trade Agreements With China And Indonesia Have Down Sides

The ‘growth’ and ‘stability’ of the Australian economy is fragile, primarily because of the Global Economy and I.M.O. Australia's adherence to removing import tariffs - 'The Level Playing Field' and negotiating work visas for international 'trading partners'. 

The China–Australia Free Trade Agreement (CHAFTA)

Wa Workers Missing Out On Thousands Of Jobs As Mining Companies Hire Overseas Workers


Mining Union Calls On Adani To Guarantee Local Jobs – Not delivered


From the Liberal Party website:

Quote” The Australian economy has momentum


Over 1.2 million jobs have been created in five years.

This year, we will deliver the first budget surplus in a decade. LIE- No they haven't , it's only prediicted in future years IF  they stay in power

Australia's welfare dependency is at its lowest level in 30 years. SPIN- Not because poverty has reduced. Because the process, paperwork and qualification for welfare is too difficult and denies the poorest. Poverty is on the rise and Liberals are closing services. Wage growth is stagnant and under-employment (part-time) is growing. 

We are delivering tax relief for workers and small businesses - to reward hard work and encourage small businesses to create more jobs.


We're investing a record $75 billion into building road and rail infrastructure, to reduce congestion.

We are helping families with long term funding increases for schools and hospitals, more affordable child care and a plan to deliver more affordable energy.

We are securing our borders and working to keep Australians safe. .” End Quote

Click for 2019 Budget update ( not so different from 2018)

1 VOTER - NOTE ON BUDGET RESEARCH   update  3/4/19

This research has been based primarily on the available ABS data and the Coalition Budget 2018-2019. The 2019-2020 Budget was released on 2/4/19. On a preliminary reading it does not differ substantially from the Budget 2018-2019 but warrants more research, time is limited. As previously stated ' the best predictor of future performance is past performance'.


Quote”  A stronger economy. More jobs. Guaranteeing essential services. The Government living within its means. That is what this Budget is about.


We are no longer borrowing money to pay for everyday expenditure like welfare payments.

We have retained Australia’s international AAA credit rating from all three agencies, one of only ten countries in the world to do so.” End Quote



Quote” A stronger economy is the key to creating more and better paying jobs. It is the key to keeping Australians safe and being able to pay for essential services.

Over 1.2 million jobs have been created in five years.

Nearly 60% of these have been full time jobs.” End Quote

How many of these jobs have gone to internationals holding work visas?

How many internationsl who have overstayed their visas? An internal government report accessed by The Daily Telegraph says more than 60,000* foreigners are living illegally in Australia. 

The outlook for Wage growth

Financial Review John Kehoe Feb 26, 2019

Weak Incomes for Years to Come, International Monetary Fund Warns

Quote” Real incomes are poised to barely grow over the next six years and living standards are destined for a slowdown, unless a wave of major economic reforms and technology innovation by business can unleash a productivity boom like in the 1990s.

The International Monetary Fund has projected that incomes …” End Quote


And   Financial Review John Kehoe  Feb 26, 2019

Quote”The economy's persistent under shooting on wages and productivity is putting Treasury's budget and economic forecasting framework under pressure ahead of the federal election.” End Quote


1 VOTER – COMMENT2 Liberals optimistic outlook for wages growth is not supported by financial forecasters. Without growth both the Liberal and Labor promises will be impossible to fund without loosing ground and going into debt. Based on Labors massive spending promises this situation will be  even more dire for Australia under a Labor government.

One of the biggest criticisms voters and Labor have regarding Liberal policies is the perception that Liberal policy favors the 'big end of town'. Campanies and their CEOS profits have outstripped workers wages and voters believe that this is unfair.The following graph illustrates this point:

1 VOTER – COMMENT3 -Liberals have studiously ignored the problems created by accelerating population growth. The rate of population growth is far outstripping the number of jobs created and is accelerating.


Bear in mind that the 'jobs created ' include 40%+ of jobs that are part time, and the population figures don't show all the foreign nationals on working Visas working in Australia and taking up jobs that could go to Australian residents.


Numbers of foreign nationals with working visas are set to increase with the China and Indonesian Free trade agreements including massive allocations for their workers in Australia.

According to the ABS the employment participation rate is only 65.7% and the under-employment rate is 8.1% in January 2019. Can we continue to afford this given the following? There is a fair chance that the underemployed are under the poverty level and/or are receiveing government assistance, 8.1%of employees termed 'underemployed' is significant. I find the way the ABS presents these figures as manipulating the truth. Poverty in Australia is a growth industry.


Final Report-  Australian Trade Liberalisation  -Analysis Of The Economic Impacts 



Quote "Employment growth has not been consistent across all (aggregated) sectors of the Australian economy. Reflecting longer-term trends in Australia and elsewhere in the developed world, over the 1986–2016 period, employment in the agricultural and manufacturing sectors fell by 26 and 17 per cent (respectively). Meanwhile, employment in the mining and service sectors grew by 121 and 97 per cent (respectively)." End Quote


Resources exports –Quote " including minerals, metals, coal and petroleum – were a record high $220 billion in 2017-18, up 11 per cent from the previous year due to rising exports of coal, gold, base metals and LNG.Aug 2, 2018" End Quote

Quote " The Australian resources sector plays a vital role in the Australian economy. The minerals industry is among the top five producers of the world's key mineral commodities. Additionally, Australia is the world's largest exporter of black coal, iron ore, alumina, lead and zinc and the second largest exporter of uranium. " End Quote


Source - Australian Bureau of Statistics 6202.0 - Labour Force, Australia, Jan 2019


The unemployment rate is now 5.1%. When Labor left office, unemployment was 5.7%.

Unemployment Graph




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