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The lens through which I view this issue:

To be absolutely transparent I’ll declare my personal priorities for government this will show you the lens through which I’m commenting on parties policies:

Honesty-don’t promise anything unless it’s fully costed and you can deliver it and don’t boost your own popularity by trashing the opposition. Your achievements should speak for themselves.

If you promise something you must deliver it.

Focus on reviving Australia’s ‘minor’ manufacturing industries – whitegoods, fabric, clothing, electrical and such industries that don’t rely so heavily on highly skilled workers to get the long-term unemployed back to work. Preferably, restore import tariffs.

Government bodies and projects - buy Australian made and use Australian labour. This includes call centres.


Close loopholes that allow companies and high-income earners to avoid paying their fair share of tax. This does not mean tax them out of Australia- FAIR SHARE of tax

Stop/minimize all immigration until services and infrastructure catch up with the current Australian population and a realistic recycling industry is established. Water, power and publidc transport must be secure and Australian owned The Live-ability of the major cities must be restored and congestion, safety, roads and public transport

Future planning for any population growth must consider the environment, sustainability, water supply, sustainable energy and the above BEFORE things become critical.

Any migration must consider national security and not subject the current population to immigrants from countries that do not respect our right to our own identity and sovereign law. Migrants must obey our laws and embrace our lifestyle or be deported, no questions and no recourse to using our law and Australian funding to avoid deportation.

Assist the restart of the steel manufacturing and mineral processing industries instead of exporting over-seas. We are not maximising Australia's advantages.

Listen to what the population wants- referendums on important issues especially on the current style of Multiculturalism that discourages nationalism and is dividing Australia

Act in the interest of Australians and Australian National Interest as a priority before funding overseas aid: Farmers, natural disasters, homelessness, infrastructure, essential services, the ice epidemic, hospital waiting lists, sustainability, the environment -in Australia must be the governments first priority. Direct services and funding to Australians before international aid – charity begins at home.

Withdraw from Operation Okra and the War in Afghanistan, they have made Australia and Australians terrorist targets and are IMO unwinnable. They are creating a humanitarian disaster, displacing people and creating a guilt complex for Australia.

Preferably leave the U.N. -They are interfering in how Australia is governed, our foreign policy and budgeting.

Stop foreign acquisition of Australian land and utilities.

Return power, water and transport to Australian government hands.

Make water supply security for human consumption and food production a priority over water hungry crops such as cotton, or mining. Fund new dams, pipelines, purification plants. Return water assets to Australian hands and initiate a Royal Commission into the Murray Darling Basin's surface and artesian water supply

Be alert to Chinese control and interference in Australian policy and industry. Tighten international ownership rules for property in Australia- buy back scheme.

Establish a national government body to oversee water supply and stop its unfair abuse. Prosecute the abusers.

Get rid of Adani.

Stop all fracking.

Stop live export of live animals for human consumption.

Stop/ minimize the sale of gas and oil overseas. Process and use it here. Remove price parity on fuel.

Develop schemes that require those citizens on welfare ( excluding NDIS, pensions) that can work but choose not to, perform unpaid public service tasks such as school crossings, yard duty at schools, bus duty, litter collection.

As a matter of urgency develop sustainable industries to address Australia's on-shore re-cycling of recyclables.



These pages are authored by a concerned Australian citizen.The opinions expressed on this website are personal opinions only, the writer has no political qualifications but is a registered voter. This page is not authorised or endorsed by the any of the parties discussed or not discussed here-in. Note: the "Arm Yourself" phrase as used here refers to knowledge and does not refer to violence or weapons of any sort


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